Alternative Ways of Dealing with Lice: Lice Racing: Maybe Not Just for the Past?

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Oh no!  You have lice!

What can you do?

Well, lice have been a plague on humanity for eons (literally).  Many treatment methods have been used by humans through history, some the predecessors of our current methods, some mere wives’ tales and superstition.

Humans, that creative and adaptable species, have always risen above their irritating lice-infested circumstances.

You can’t get rid of your lice?

Well, make money off of them.  Become the center of attention by advertising lice games.

Lice races have a rich and long history.  Lice races have been run from at least the 1700s onward.  Horrible Histories, a BBC TV show that bases its humorous skits on historical fact, reenacts lice races held in England during this time period by the upper echelons in its skit “HHTV Sport: bringing you live sporting events from the past” of the episode “Gorgeous Georgians.”  Later, the sport—yes, sport—took hold among U.S. Civil War soldiers.  Many colorful stories have been uncovered from this time period.

What if your lice lose the race?  Do you bet against them?

Or you could cheat, give them extra incentive, as one Civil War soldier did.  He heated the plate that served as the starting line for the race so that his louse would scuttle quickly down the backstretch and over the finish line.

Lice racing sound unappealing?

Well, how about lice fighting?

Unethical though it may be, there are also tales of Civil War soldiers and prisoners pitting lice against one another and against ants in battles to the death.

Personally, that sounds cruel.  I prefer lice racing.


But, of course, you would prefer, wouldn’t you, to get rid of your lice rather than use them for entertainment or gambling purposes.

Well, I can give you advice on that too.

You shouldn’t use the popular chemical products.  This posting is all about alternative measures to deal with lice.  As we’ve micro-evolved since Ancient Egypt or even the 1800s, so have lice.  Lice are now becoming resistant to pyrethrin- and permethrin-based products.  The Lice Treatment Center, LLC offers all-natural, pediatrician-formulated, effective lice treatment and prevention products, without pyrethrin or permethrin.

Cancel the races and the wrestling matches, and try some of their products on your lice instead.


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